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S.O.S SUNDAY- How to make a fishing rod using a stick!

Today I am showing you guys how you can use my kit, a stick, and a rod to create a fishing pole. I could have gone fishing with a regular rod and reel set up and just used the contents of the kit, but instead I went somewhat primitive by using a 5-6 foot branch and a reel that I fastened to the stick with some gorilla tape. I started by taking a barrel swivel and tying it to the tip of the stick to act as an eye for the line. Now keep in mind, I could have just tied the string that comes in the kit to the stick, but I always have a reel in my go bag just in case I want to fish! I always try to keep things like this on me for those spontaneous fishing moments.

For this short trip I was fishing in a stream, so I utilized the trout bait included in the kit. Had I been in a lake, I may have used the worms or jigs. But, not needed for the stream I was fishing in. All of the fishing gear included in my kit is of name brand, not cheap crap from china, so you know you're using the best quality equipment when using my kit! On the inside of the lid, I included how to tie a clinch knot for some less experienced fishers. I've used a clinch knot most of my life for fishing, so it's a knot i personally trust. It is a "cinch" knot or "clinch" knot, depending on who you ask. Either way it is a great knot. Let me know your knot preferences in the comments!

The bait I chose to start with is a Berkley Power bait for Trout, which looks like a yellow piece of corn, which is included in your kit. It did not take long at all to catch my first fish, about 2 minutes to be exact. That may not always be the case but today it was. Always remember that 2 is 1, and 1 is none. Always be prepared and Thrive On.

Check out the video below!

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